The Orlando Experience Comes to Life at Orlando International Airport



The Orlando Experience Comes to Life at Orlando International Airport

More than 200 feet of original video content celebrates Orlando and enhances passenger experience at the airport.

As part of a multi-billion dollar renovation program at the Orland International Airport, The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) partnered with Synect, SITA, LG Electronics, and others to design a new vision for passenger experience at the airport. The signature piece for the redesign is a massive 1,560-foot video wall running behind the check-in and ticketing counters, along with new video walls and digital signage at curbside, self-check-in, and in wayfinding locations throughout the terminal.

Together, these installations create a unique and world-leading digital media ecosystem that helps the airport connect with travelers and provide relevant, contextual information and experiences throughout their journey.

The near-seamless video wall greets passengers as they arrive. The sophisticated content strategy for the custom multi-display canvas includes live airport data, such as wait-times through security, destination time and weather, Flight information Display (FIDS) data, and more, along with content that entertains and informs passengers. 

Orlando International Airport strives to value and delight its customers through an airport-wide focus and design concept known as The Orlando Experience®. They wanted a way to bring this concept to life on the video wall and celebrate all that The City Beautiful has to offer—while entertaining passengers and decreasing perceived wait times for an improved passenger experience at check-in. 

The airport partnered with Synect to bring this vision to life on the video wall. In addition to developing a visual representation of the Orlando Experience, the team had to develop the content in such a way that it could scale from a few check-in counters to hundreds of feet in length. 

In collaboration with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Synect designed the Welcome to Orlando content to provide an Orlando Experience® to the millions of travelers that pass through MCO each year. The video wall animation at MCO embraces the ethos of Orlando, celebrating its variety of attractions and landmarks with original illustrations and animations. 

There are six designs that showcase Central Florida, such as the Space Coast, Sports Teams, the Tourist district, Lake Eola, and more.  Each design was custom-created to demonstrate that Orlando has so much more than the amusement parks; it’s a vibrant destination where communities live, play, and connect.  

Small vignettes and playful animations add to the fun. Manatees swimming, the SLS rocket launching, and other delightful scenes all keep passengers entertained while giving a sense of the constant action and myriad attractions Orlando offers. This creates a strong sense of place at the airport and builds excitement for the passenger journey. 

Each panel in the Welcome to Orlando series was designed as an element that can stand alone, playing in rotation, but they can also stitch together to create a panoramic video over 200 feet long. This allows the experience to scale across the video wall environment in a flexible, immersive way. 

The Welcome to Orlando theme is one of many unique content pieces created to support the digital signage content strategy at the airport. Each piece, while unique, works together to improve the passenger experience by informing, entertaining, and delighting viewers, which decreases their perceived wait times and alleviates passenger anxiety.  All of this contributes to a better experience at the airport and happier travelers, which in turn helps generate increased revenue for the airport.

But it also builds memories of the airport and the local region that can’t be had anywhere else. By filling the airport video walls with such vibrant and engaging media, MCO has given passengers one more way to enjoy The Orlando Experience® and one more reason to celebrate The City Beautiful.