Augmented Reality & Inspirations in Anamorphic Art

We revealed in our last blog post about Project Rabbit Hole that our latest augmented reality-driven project was inspired by 3D street art. In this article Sean Hart, software engineer and our guide to Synect’s latest R&D effort, highlights the art and inspiration behind Project Rabbit Hole. Please read on for a detailed overview of the 3D street art, where it came from, how it works, and why we’re so inspired by it.

Introducing Project Rabbit Hole: Designing New Experiences with Augmented Reality

Sean Hart is a software engineer and part of the Research & Development team at Synect. His focus is on creating new experiences using pre-existing and emerging technologies. He collaborates with the creative and technical teams to unify their visions for internally developed projects, allowing us to rapidly build new concepts. Read on for his overview of the latest from our R&D lab.

Coming Soon: 12K Panoramic Aerial Cinematography from Synect

Have you ever dreamt you could fly? If so, you probably know the experience of waking and wishing to recapture the feeling and the vividly realistic views from above the world. If this sounds familiar, you’ll love the latest project from our R&D team.  

Project Eagle Eye is a Synect invention we’re building to capture the world in 12K panoramic video. From the sky.